Why Should You Finish Your Basement?

Dark. Creepy. Outdated.

Those are three words that often come to mind when people think about their basements. However, it’s one of the biggest rooms in your house, so an unfinished or underutilized basement is a big untapped resource! I can’t think of any homeowners I know that don’t want more space in their home.

Enhance the Enjoyability of Your Home

Depending on the size of your basement, the room has potential to be redesigned in a variety of ways. Many homeowners like to convert the space into a room where they can entertain family and guests. Families with children may like to turn the space into an area where the kids can play when the weather is inclement, or a sports area where kids can practice indoors. Others may like to have a personal gym or yoga in their basement. If your basement is big enough, you can even have a combination of things to meet the whole family’s needs!

I think we can agree that any of the options we just discussed are better than the dank, spider-filled cave of an unfinished basement! Here at Basement Design Studio, we specialize in taking unfinished and outdated basements and turning into extraordinary, personalized spaces.

Increase Your Home’s Value

In addition to helping you fully enjoy your home, finishing your basement also adds value to your home. If you’re looking to sell your home in the future, having a finished basement is a huge selling point. Many houses on the market don’t have finished basements, or any basements at all in the case of crawl spaces and cellars.

Finished basements are a popular feature for home buyers. Many people like to have extra space for hosting and entertaining, especially if they have children. Lots of people also like to have additional living space, so basements converted into bedrooms or guest rooms are also quite popular on the housing market. In either case, you’re sure to find buyers interested in your beautifully designed finished basement.

Not only does a finished basement enhance the comfort of your home, but it also increases your home’s value. Finishing your basement is a big investment in your home. When you sell your house, you can add the value of the basement to the total value of the house. This will get you a higher selling price than a home with an unfinished basement.

Add Space if Zoning Codes Don’t Allow Additions

Depending on where you live and the size of your lot, there may be restrictions on what you can build on your property. But restrictions like that don’t stop you from dreaming about adding more space to your home. We’d all love a bit of additional space for living, entertaining, or even just storage, right?

Despite wanting more room, that doesn’t mean it’s in the cards for everyone. Some neighborhoods don’t allow homeowners to build additions. Some lots may be too small to accommodate an addition. Others may be limited by the high cost of adding brand new space to their homes.

That’s where your basement comes in! If you’ve got an unfinished basement, that’s a huge opportunity for adding new living space to your home. You can turn that empty, dank room into a brand new space that’s as comfortable and inviting as the rest of your home. You also have the flexibility to turn into whatever you want, from new bedrooms to a game room or a place you can simply chill out with your friends and watch a movie. By taking advantage of the space that’s already attached to your home, you can get that addition you’ve always dreamed of at a much lower cost.

In any case, unfinished basements are incredibly value for homeowners looking to get a little something extra out of their existing homes.

Create an Income Property

Did you know that your unfinished basement is an opportunity to make money? Did you ever think that investing money into finishing your basement can help you make more money in the long-run?

More and more homeowners are turning their basements into rental properties. When you rent out a property, it helps you make some extra money and can even help offset the cost of your mortgage.

Our design team will help you transform your previously unfinished basement into a functional living space. By adding a bedroom, bathroom, and even a kitchen, you can turn your basement into a stand-alone living space for renters.

To rent your property, the space will have to be compliant with the local fire code. We’re experienced with that and will make sure the room is designed to be fully compliant with local codes.

Your New Basement by Basement Design Studio

Transforming your basement depends on a couple of key factors: the size of the space, the age of your home, the height of the ceiling, and architectural quirks that cause obstacles and obstructions. To be clear, having an old home, a small basement, or lots of obstacles in the basement aren’t going to disqualify you from a basement remodel – far from it!

We’re natural problem solvers and have worked to transform challenging rooms into beautiful new spaces plenty of times in the past. The factors we listed above aren’t disqualifiers, but parameters for us to work within. When you tell us what you have in mind for the space, we’ll decide how we can fit those ideas into the existing room given we know about the room.

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